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GGB's EP®15 for Solar and outdoor Applications


March 29, 2019

Press Release

Energy, Recreational


Product serves the solar power industry and recreational outdoor applications.

  • GGB’s new EP®15 material is designed specifically for demanding outdoor and solar energy applications, and is durable enough to withstand harsh exposure to UV rays.
  • Bearing failure at a solar farm can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost energy; the EP®15 solution delivers reliability to keep the operation running.
GGB EP®15 plastic bearings for solar & outdoor applications

GGB, an industry leader and innovator in tribology and surface engineering technologies, announces the launch of the new EP®15 material. This new addition to the Engineered Plastics product range is designed to withstand the demanding conditions and UV rays of the commercial solar power industry and other outdoor applications.

In order to create the most efficient solar power operations, engineers and plant managers face a variety of challenges. These include durability, longevity, cost of lubrication, UV resistance and ease of installation. GGB’s new EP®15 solution delivers on all these important aspects of a successful solar power setup.

With a temperature range of -40 through 125°C, the EP®15 bearing can stand up to harsh weather conditions. It also exhibits excellent strength, thermal conductivity and moisture absorption.

The stakes are high in the solar energy industry, and even minimal downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost energy production,” said Andreas Epli, Business Development Specialist at GGB. “They need products that perform day after day, and we’re proud to support them with the new EP®15.”

To download a high-resolution image of the EP®15, go here.


GGB helps create a world of motion with minimal frictional loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies. With R&D, testing and production facilities in the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, GGB partners with customers worldwide on customized tribological design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable. GGB’s engineers bring their expertise and passion for tribology to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about tribology for surface engineering from GGB, visit

GGB is an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO).




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