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GGB's EP®15 for Solar and outdoor Applications


April 23, 2021




The article "Braving the Sun" describes the demanding operating conditions that components in solar power plants have to withstand. In addition to constant UV radiation, solar modules are usually exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, sand and wind. In the case of tracking systems in photovoltaic plants, wear due to friction is an additional factor.
GGB EP15 UV-resistant plastic material



Self-lubricating EP®15 plain bearings are UV-resistant, lightweight and have a low coefficient of friction. They have been specially developed for use in photovoltaic plants with tracking systems. The absence of lubricants eliminates the need for regular maintenance intervals.


Read the complete article to learn more about the benefits of this tribological plastic plain bearing material. For more information on GGB EP®15 UV resistant plastic plain bearings, please contact your local application engineer.


Our experts are ready to help you find the right solution for your specific application.

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