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GGB HI-EX composite bearings selected for axial guidance of polishing unit


March 10, 2021

Case Study


Primary Metals


Siemens VAI recently introduced a new generation of pinch-roll polishers that automatically perform grinding and polishing activities without the need for manual intervention. This innovative technology is based on a grinding system that traverses the rotating pinch roll and automatically recognizes material deposits. By means of oscillating movements, the unit grinds the deposit only where it occurs until it has been removed.

Pinch roll polishers are designed and manufactured to meet the harsh demands of the hot strip mill and require high performance bearings to meet the same demanding conditions.


GGB plain bearings ideal for Conveyor Rollers, Screw-nut for Milling Tools

GGB’s HI-EX® maintenance-free bearings were selected for use in the axial guidance of the polishing unit. Specifically developed to operate with marginal lubrication, the steel backing of the HI-EX® materials provides mechanical strength while the bronze interlayer provides a strong mechanical bond for the lining. This construction promotes dimensional stability and improves thermal conductivity, reducing the temperature at the bearing surface and making them an optimal choice for operation in extreme temperatures.

Other benefits of GGB’s HI-EX® bearings include:



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