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GGB - Innovating Tribological Solutions


March 1, 2022


Railway, Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Recreational, Medical, Fluid Power, Industrial, Primary Metals, E-Mobility


GGB Slovakia was granted the "Safe Enterprise" award for the third time in a row (2011, 2016, 2021).

Every 5 years, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs presents an award for the safest companies in the Slovak Republic.

GGB Slovakia - Safe Enterprise Award

"After a detailed audit by the Slovak authorities, we are very proud to have received the "Safe Enterprise" award for the 3rd time. It is our primary goal to ensure that all our sites provide a safe workplace to all our employees. To ensure this, we have active safety programs such as appropriate safety equipment, fire and evacuation drills, regular health and safety inspections as well as safety training."

Robert Ramic, EHS Coordinator, GGB Slovakia, s.r.o.


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