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Enhance Your Surface Engineering Effectiveness with Paired Solutions

For applications where freedom of geometry is essential and efficient surface engineering solutions are critical, an innovative solution from a strong partner is needed. 

The Magic of Polymer Solutions for Low Friction and Reduced Wear 

Low friction and reduced wear solutions are essential for applications such as automotive, hydraulic systems and medical equipment. TriboMate® is specifically designed to work with—and enhance—the performance of GGB's other bearing and polymer coating products. Pairing two tribological coatings together, or pairing a GGB plain bearing product with a polymer coating, significantly reduces friction and can extend the lifetime of a system. 

GGB TriboMate Paired Coatings Model for tribological systems


Paired for Performance 

GGB’s team of application engineering professionals understands the challenges of our customers and can partner with them in the early stages of system development to ensure they take full advantage of all the TriboMate® benefits, from weight and component reduction to enhanced corrosion protection—the benefits are nearly limitless and will make their lives easier. 

GGB TriboMate Coatings Analysis of friction and wear

The Magic of Paired Performance

We know there is no “one-size-fits-all" approach to efficiency. That’s why we offer TriboMate® paired solutions, the tribological answer that helps you reach the next generation of system performance. A customized range of coatings that work with other polymer surfaces, TriboMate® assists in overcoming challenges such as: 

 Fretting Wear Resistance 

Fretting wear resistance  

GGB's polymer coatings provide intrinsic solid lubrication, making it ideal for eliminating vibratory wear. Our TriboMate® paired coatings are designed to interact with GGB's conventional polymer-based bearing materials as well as our TriboShield® solutions, all leading to a significant extension of service life—even in the most demanding conditions. 


Self Lubrication Solution 

Self-lubricating solutions

Incorporate solid lubricants to deliver self-lubricity that can help reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for additional lubrication in machine parts and reduce reliance on third-party oils or greases.  


Part and Component Reduction 

Part and component reduction

TriboMate® provides tailored friction levels for many complex-shaped surfaces that traditional cylindrical bearings alone cannot access, allowing for a more simplistic design that employs fewer parts and easier assembly—and fewer part failures. 


Corrosion Protection 

Corrosion Resistance

When it comes to corrosion resistance, TriboMate® can significantly increase chemical resistance for longer wear life, offering a barrier of inert material between surfaces to extend longevity. 




TriboMate® can be seamlessly paired with other TriboShield® polymer coatings, as well as GGB tribological plain bearing solutions including our Engineered Plastics bearings, thermoplastic-based Metal-Polymer products (DX®, DX®10, HI-EX®, DS, DTS10®)  and our GAR-FIL bearings.  


Hard Chrome Replacement

Hard Chrome Replacement  

With high toxicity levels, high costs, and more bans likely coming in the next decade —chemical hard chrome plating is becoming a thing of the past. The environmentally conscious way of the future is TriboMate® paired coatings. Contact your local Application Engineer for additional information.  

Success Stories

TriboMate® paired coatings are versatile enough to provide tribological solutions in a wide variety of applications. Here are just a few successful applications we’ve provided solutions for: 

Seat Suspension System Seat Suspension System 

In the world of seat suspension, TriboMate® delivers a maintenance-free, low friction, and quietly operating solution that ultimately extends application life. 



Linear Reciprocating Movement Linear Reciprocating Motion 

For a flight control’s surface actuator, there’s a need for robust and efficient, electronically-powered linear motion. With almost zero stick-slip and constant friction level in all temperatures and load conditions, polymer coatings are the ideal solution for the next generation of electrical actuators on flight control surfaces. 


Passive Exoskeleton Passive Exoskeleton 

A cam and follower system for a passive exoskeleton can deliver relief for someone’s spine during heavy work, but there’s a need for it to be compact while dealing with sliding during high contact pressure. TriboMate® offers a solution that allows a more compact design that’s maintenance free.  

Crane Grease Elimination  Crane Grease Elimination 

Many global seaports must manage a wealth of issues, from more stringent rules about greases and oils near water, to the cost of maintenance in regard to safety and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues. TriboMate® gives engineers an operational, compliant solution that delivers a new benchmark in cost efficiency. 



Prosthetics Prosthetics 

Eliminate hard chrome and reduce friction in prosthetic seals with a TriboMate® solution, delivering smooth operation and the flexibility for new designs in the future.  



Our experts are ready to help you find the right solution for your specific application.

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