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GGB White Paper - Applying Tribology to design improves system performance

Bearings are among the most critical components in a mechanical assembly, but are often one of  the latest design components  selected. However, one important aspect is frequently not considered - tribology. Doing so can improve the efficiency and life-cycle of tribological contacts, thus improving high-level application.

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GGB white paper composite bearing design

Composites bearings are used in a wide range of industries for their strength, superior wear and friction characteristics, and their ability to operate without external lubrication. Filament wound composite bearings with the most effective tribological performance have historically been limited in their dimensional tolerance by the processing capabilities inherent to the winding process.

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GGB white paper Novel low friction

Metal-polymer bearings have been relatively successful in replacing traditional leaded bronze or bi-metal bearings in many lubricated applications. Until recently however, PTFE based metal-polymer plain bearings were unable to match.

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GGB white paper The evolution of polymer bearing processing

Polymer bearings with a PTFE-based running surface were first introduced as a breakthrough in scroll compressor performance approximately 30 years ago. These bearings consisted of the polymer surface, porous bronze interlayer and steel supporting layer.

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GGB white paper The design aspect of metal polymer bearings

Traditional compressor bearings, such as rolling element, leaded-bronze or bi-metal bushings, are greatly affected by wear in marginally lubricated conditions at bearing locations in compressor applications. Metal-polymers offer a unique advantage.

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